A quick guide to splinter removal

The Quick Guide to Removing Splinters Painlessly

You are doing some DIY projects with pieces of wood, and when you least expect it, you feel a sharp pain. That could be a splinter! Splinters occur...
how to get splinter out

Getting Rid of Deep Splinters At Home: The Ultimate Guide

At times, you take every precautionary measure to ensure you and your kids are safe in the outdoors. And though everything might go smoothly while ...
how to get a splinter out

The Ultimate Parent’s Guide To Removing Splinter

We’ve all been there. Taking the kids out in the park or playing in the yard, but no sooner does someone touch an old piece of wooden structure and...
4 Tips To Remove The Deeply Embedded Splinter

4 Tips To Remove The Deeply Embedded Splinter

Splinters are not only painful but can also cause infections. These tiny nuisances can make working or walking painful and uncomfortable. When you ...
Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to our new site!  We are in the process of building our blog page and will have many interesting articles to share in the coming months.  P...
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