About Us

Splinters (or slivers, whatever you call them). They’re small. They’re sharp. And they are downright painful! The good news is, dealing with a splinter is easy when you have SplinterAid to come to your rescue. Effective and simple to use, our one-use splinter extraction tool comes packaged pre-sterilized so you can focus on getting the splinter out and returning back to business as usual.


Everyday Convenience, Everywhere


Bring your Splinter Remover™ to the office, park, job site, workshop, school, or anywhere else you need. Our customers always have help on hand when a splinter derails the day’s plans. Pack your first aid kit, keep it in your purse, or give it a pocket in your backpack. We want you to feel prepared to deal with splinters wherever you go.

Our disposable removers eliminate the need to sanitize the instruments and minimize your risk of infection. Shop for yours today, and enjoy easier, safer splinter removal.


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