Splinter Removal Construction

A Splinter Removal Kit Made For Construction 

The Splinter Aid Splinter Remover™

Sanitized, Efficient Splinter Removal

Let’s face it. When you work in construction, sooner or later you’re going to get a splinter that needs to be removed. While we all have been there — prodding and digging with a needle and a pair of scissors — what if we told you there was a better way? Enter the Splinter Aid Splinter Remover™. Keep reading to learn about this amazing innovation!

How To Use The Splinter Remover™

  1. Wash And Dry Area With Splinter
  2. Pierce The Skin With The Splinter Remover™ At One End Of The Splinter
  3. Push The Splinter Out With The World’s Best Splinter Extraction Tool
  4. Clean And Cover The Splinter Site
  5. Dispose Of The Splinter And Splinter Remover™

There are so many ways that you can get a splinter at a construction site. From using old tools with wooden handles, to moving wooden pallets, to even just navigating a worksite, it’s no surprise that splinters are just a part of the job. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not a big deal.

First and foremost, a splinter is going to prevent you and your crew from performing to the best of your ability. Which is silly, isn’t it. Who would have thought that splinters could be so painful and disruptive!

And while they’re just tiny pieces of wood or metal, if not dealt with a splinter can become infected, making it a serious problem! That’s why it’s so important to have an efficient and effective way to remove them.



Completely Sanitary Method Of Splinter Removal

You probably noticed in our ‘How To’ section that we included the throwing away of the Splinter Remover™. While it may seem like a waste, it’s not —let us explain. While splinter removal seems like a simple, danger free procedure, you always run the risk of infection whenever you’re breaking skin.

That’s why, in the splinter-removal practices of old, they recommend heating the needle and tweezers with a lighter before extraction. The idea being that the flame will kill the bacteria that could pose a threat and cause infection.

That being said, in the extensive research we conducted to create this innovative splinter extraction method, we learned that not only is this method of ‘sanitizing’ inconvenient and dangerous, but it’s also not as effective as we’d like to think.

All of this gave us the idea to make our Splinter Removers™ sanitized and ready to go! No more worrying if the tool is sanitary, no more burning yourself on a scalding needle. Now, you just have to pop the splinter extraction tool from its sanitary packaging, remove the splinter, and move on with your project.

Splinter Aid Is The Best Way

We’d like to take a moment to thank the construction workers that make the buildings, roads, and other infrastructure we rely on daily. Without all of you, we’d be much worse off! That being said, let us help you in return with this amazing product. 

Splinters are inevitable in construction, but they don’t have to be a hindrance. By stocking up on our Splinter Removers™, you’ll save time and money the next time a splinter needs extractin’. 

Visit our shop to stock up on Splinter Aid’s Splinter Removers, and feel free to contact us today is you have any questions about our product or company!


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