Splinter Aid - A Woodworker’s Best Friend

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When you are a carpenter or woodworker, splinters simply come with the territory. After all, you’re working with, carving, and manipulating wood on a daily basis. Granted, most woodworkers are probably professionals at splinter extraction with a pair of tweezers, but what if we told you there is a better way to approach splinter removal? 

The SplinterAid Splinter Remover™ is a specially designed splinter extraction tool that makes removing splinters a fast, painless experience. Sure, your hands are likely hardened from years of woodworking, but that makes the Splinter Remover™ so much more valuable! 


Instead of picking away at callused hands with tweezers or a needle, you can use the Splinter Remover™ to remove your splinters in five easy steps!

  1. First, wash the affected area with soap and water, and pat dry. You don’t want to risk getting any germs in the wound! 
  2. Ready your Splinter Remover™, and insert it into your skin on one side of the splinter you’re removing. 
  3. Use the Splinter Remover™ to push the splinter out from your skin. Our splinter extraction tool will let you completely push the splinter out with ease.
  4. Clean the site where you extracted the splinter, and recover it with a bandage. 
  5. Dispose of your Splinter Remover™ after use. Each Splinter Remover™ is pre-sterilized for the best results — our products are designed for one-time use.



What Makes Our Splinter Remover™ Great

Our splinter extraction tool came into existence because we needed a better way to take care of pesky splinters. We were tired of the laborious picking and digging that conventional splinter removal methods require. Not only is it difficult to remove splinters this way, but it also risks the potential of causing infection, or even a more intense wound. 


Our Splinter Remover™ is made to be easy, efficient, and safe for you to use. That’s why we have each SplinterAid Splinter Remover™ sterilely packaged. No more heating a needle up at the risk of burning yourself! Simply unpackage, use, and discard. 

Stock Your Shop With SplinterAid

The truth is, once you use our Splinter Remover™, you’ll never go back. The ease of use, convenience, and the overall time that you’ll save removing the countless splinters you’re bound to encounter through your work. Again, we created this incredible product to help everyone, but especially those who experience splinters on a regular basis. 


So head over to our online store, and order your SplinterAid Splinter Removers™ today! You won’t be disappointed. 

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