The SplinterAid Splinter Remover

Sanitary, Efficient Splinter Extraction

When you frequent the outdoors, it’s almost a given that at some point you’ll get a splinter. Whether you’re gathering firewood, whittling, or simply using your hands to steady yourself on a treacherous hike, splinters are extremely common.

And while they’re not necessarily a major medical issue, they’re guaranteed to cause discomfort, and over time they pose the risk of causing an infection. The Splinter Remover from SplinterAid is the perfect solution. The most effective splinter extraction tool, the SplinterAid removes splinters in moments with no need to sanitize the tool. Stay prepared with the SplinterAid.

What makes SplinterAid the best?

  • Made for one-time use, streamlining efficiency
  • Completely sterile, no need to disinfect
  • Design and packaging allows for easy storage
  • Tri-Bevel design easily pushes splinters out — no digging or picking!
  • Removes splinters without pain

Our innovative splinter extraction tool is made for active, outdoorsy people! We’ve focused a lot of time and energy into creating a device that will effectively remove splinters with minimal pain in minimal time. We know how frustrating a splinter can be, especially when you’re trying to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. No matter if you’ve got a splinter in your hand, foot, or anywhere else, our Splinter Remover will work for you.

Now that we’ve discussed what the SplinterAid is, let’s look into how it works! You’ll be amazed how simple it is. First and foremost, you need to wash the area afflicted by the splinter. Next, remove your sterile SplinterAid from its packaging. With the SplinterAid out of the packaging, take the Tri-Bevel tip, and insert it on one end of the splinter. Then, simply push the splinter out with the splinter extraction tool. Once the splinter is out, cover the area with a bandage and antibiotic ointment and dispose of the SplinterAid Splinter Remover.

The SplinterAid is designed as a one-time splinter extraction tool. We highly recommend disposing of the tool after use, as once it’s used it’s no longer sterile. Re-using the SplinterAid Splinter Remover could result in an infection.

That being said, the SplinterAid is the future of splinter extraction. Not only is it the most effective splinter removal tool, but it’s made for convenience. It’s low-profile design makes it incredibly easy to store whether you’re keeping it in a first aid kit, your backpack, or even your pocket!

Additionally, it’s effective design that yields minimal discomfort makes the SplinterAid the perfect tool for dealing with children’s splinters, especially when you’re in the outdoors. With our Splinter Remover, your child won’t be afraid of splinters any more! In fact, you’ll have the splinter out before it even becomes a problem. This means you’ll have more time to enjoy your hike or camping trip.

We can’t stress it enough, if you’re a person who’s frequenting the outdoors (or a person who wants a better method of splinter extraction, in general), you need to try the SplinterAid Splinter Remover.

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